What is Log Forging

  1. Data enters an application from an untrusted source.
  2. The data is written to an application or system log file.

string val = (string)Session[“val”];
try {
int value_v = Int32.Parse(val);
catch (FormatException fe) {
log.Info(“Failed to parse val= “ + val);

If a user submits the string “twenty-one” for Val, the following entry is logged:

Picture Credit: AttackFlow

How to fix this Issue

Prevent log forging attacks with indirection:

create a set of legitimate log entries that correspond to different events that must be logged and only log entries from this set. To capture dynamic content, such as users logging out of the system, always use server-controlled values rather than user-supplied data. This ensures that the input provided by the user is never used directly in a log entry.



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